How Do Bail Bonds Work?

We offer several bail bond options in Sherman, TX

If you or someone you care about has been arrested, you may need to post bond. The judge will set a bail amount based on the crime and your criminal history. Capital Bail Bonds pays cash bonds to help clients get out of jail and spend time with their families until their court appearances. We work with clients in Sherman, Texas and the surrounding area.

So how do cash bonds work? When you post bond through our bail bondsman, you'll only have to pay a 10% down payment toward your bond. We cover the rest upon the agreement that you'll appear in court. If you don't show up in court, we'll require a full payment for your cash bond. We also accept credit and debit card payments.

Are you still wondering, "How do cash bonds work?" Speak with a bondsman about your options today.

While many bail bondsmen require clients to put up collateral, Capital Bail Bonds doesn't. We offer no collateral bail bonds for many of our clients so they can have peace of mind moving forward with their case.

To determine whether your bond requires collateral, we look at factors like...

The type of crime committed and the defendant's criminal history
The character of the person applying for bail as well as the person being charged
The applicant's credit score

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